Maxwell Leigh

My name is Maxwell Leigh. I am a summa cum laude Appalachian State University graduate who has a Bachelors of Science in psychology and a minor in sociology. I am a little bit of everything when it comes to art. My main art form is writing and world creation but I love to play with the magic of creativity, that is found in mixed media and jewelry making. I also enjoy the blessing of capturing beautiful moments in time through photography and I am a character performer and enjoy embodying movie characters, mascots, and creatures.

I am just starting my journey of finding my artistic voice; due to the arts being so inaccessible to me, for most of my life. However, with every art project, I tap into all my senses to bring to life the world, like I experience it. I want other’s to feel the rush of emotions, colors, tastes, textures and spatial sensations as they encounter my art. My world is filled with a flood of sensations at all moments in time, and while not all are pleasant, the moments that are, are filled with euphoria and I want to share that with others. I am a sensory friendly art instructor and work at two art focused jobs. At both, I work to help make the arts accessible to people of all backgrounds with a focus on disabilities.

My motto for all of my creative works is: “Glitter is always necessary except when it isn’t, which is rare.”


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