Phoebe Granderson

My inspiration for art started at 6 years old when my 1st grade teacher showed me how to make Christmas cards using a silk screen. It was at that very moment, I fell in love with art which opened the door to my creativity. When I was a teenager, I took art classes at the Saturday Art Program in New York City for three years. The drawing and painting techniques that I learned paved the way to developing my skills. The many field trips to art museums made me the passionate artist that I am today. Although I joined the US Navy after high school, my passion to draw and paint was always nearby. I continued to do art projects as a hobby for many years after military life. Creating art with my kids, crafting at birthday parties, making homemade gifts, and volunteering at art events was my way of life. During the past four years I have participated in programs such as; Veterans Art Therapy Program, National Veterans Creative Art Festival, and Operation Art sponsored by The Joel Foundation. 

I am a Christian Mixed Media artist. I love creating original artworks using all types of mediums such as: oil, acrylic, pencil, pen, resin, wood, fabric, and found objects to create an abstract 3-D effect in my artwork. My artistic inspiration is to convey a positive message through subject, color, and objects to stimulate an emotional response from the viewer. Telling a story through my art about a personal, emotional or spiritual experience is extremely important to me. I believe that God has given me a natural gift to create art. I feel connected and at peace whenever I create. Just give me a pencil, paintbrush, or even a glue gun and I am in another realm.


1.  King of Kings
More Beautiful Beyond Description
King of Kings is an original design that is handcrafted with love and precision. I created a 3-D mixed media composition using acrylic paint, Pebeo paint, and resin. The frame was made with wood, screws, and spray paint. The gold cross and frame represent the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Each stone has its own unique design which was made from broken jewelry, stones, gems, color paper, cardboard, and hot glue. The bright vivid colors that are interlaced around the canvas tells a biblical story of the unconditional love and the eternal gift that is free to all who believe. God’s glory was my divine inspiration for my artwork. It is a symbol of my faith. Jesus Christ is more beautiful beyond description.

2. Life is a Journey

Traveling Along the Seas of Life
Life is a Journey is an original mixed media artwork that I made with oil, fabric, cord, wire, stones, shells, sequence, gems, broken jewelry, assorted colored cardstock, and motivational words. We all have a story to tell that is quite unique. Telling a story about how the Lord has carried me through the seas of life is the divine inspiration of my artwork. Serving in the US Navy aboard the US Hunley when I was in my twenties begins the story. What I have learned through the years is that we may have many challenges in our lifetime, but there is always something to see, to feel, to learn, and to believe that will make us stronger. My objective is to send a positive message by adding motivational words in the sand. The three crosses on the ship and the three crosses in the water’s reflection represents God’s presence in my life throughout this journey.

3. Beach
Creating Beautiful Memories
Beach is an original pen and ink drawing on fine art paper. Going to the beach on vacation is always a wonderful time to create memories with your family that you can cherish for years to come. It is the reason I love making beach art. The word beach has shells, pebbles, and zentangle patterns to create an interesting composition. The shell in the foreground leads the viewer into the word beach, through the waves, to the birds in the sky, and to the small islands in the background. Every time I view this beach scene it takes me to a special place of mindfulness, calmness, and relaxation.

4Splash I
Fun Times at the Beach
Splash I is an original acrylic pour on canvas. No matter what the age, we all have memories of the excitement at the beach. As the waves approach, we jump, we dive, we swim, and we splash. The movement in this painting is a reminder of the joyous experiences we have when we are wading in the water. My fondest memories have been on summer vacation at the beach.