Phoebe Granderson

My inspiration for art started at 6 years old. Reminiscing how excited I was in 1st grade when my teacher showed us how to make original Christmas cards using a silk screen. It was at that moment; I fell in love, and that opened the door to my creativity. When I was in high school, I took art classes at the Saturday Art Program at Cooper Union University in New York City. Being mentored and taught by college students in drawing and painting. Although, I joined the US Navy at 18 years old and served for 8 years as an Electrician, I always enjoyed drawing in my free time. I have always wanted to pursue a career in Art but because of starting a family and many life’s challenges, my life took another course.
I am a Disabled Veteran and have been unemployed for several years due to health conditions. Whenever possible, I have supported and volunteered my services with the Community Outreach at my church. I have also been involved with programs like the National Veterans Creative Art Festival, and Operation Art with the Joel Foundation. I really enjoy using all types of mediums such as Oil, Pencil, Pen & Fabric. Within past 3 years, I have learned some new mediums and techniques using Acrylics, Acrylic Pours, Resin, Fantasy Paint, Wood Working, and incorporating found objects into my art to create a 3D effect. I believe that God gave me a natural gift and talent to create art. I would love to be a part of an art community. Learning, Teaching, Volunteering my services, and eventually starting my own Art Business would be a dream come true!