Samir Knego

Samir Knego works in a library and listens to lots of heavy metal. He has poems, paintings, photographs, and some things that don’t start with “p” in various journals and zines and was LEVEL’s Spring 2021 Local Artist-In-Residence. Samir lives in North Carolina with a bright green wheelchair and a little black dog.

Artist Statement:
I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in disability, religion, social justice, and the intersections thereof. Being disabled myself, I am passionate about accessibility in the arts and work to center accessibility in my work and to treat access as an essential part of art, not an afterthought or burden (as it too often seems to be treated). I think this focus naturally lends itself to multidisciplinary approaches; accessibility has to be multidisciplinary because that’s the only way to account for the variety of ways of sensing/learning/being in the world. When I’m not making my own art, I’m often reading/viewing others’ as part of my editorial work with the literary magazine Decolonial Passage, and my editing experience has shaped my understanding of art to be more communally- rather than individually-focused.