Angela Dawson

I use bold colors and fluid strokes, delineated by textures, and words that grip and hold the senses; to convey the story of my community. My paintings, books, and collages draw on mysterious and whimsical images to speak about serious subjects; and the reality of my existence… My art is documentation of the abandon of our music, of swaying hips, the clarion call for success and the strength of character that is born in pain but still the will to dance, our smile, an eternal rhythm that belies time. I am a Mixed- Media Artist because I could not choose one way to express myself. When you have read one of my short stories, books or viewed one of my collages or paintings; I hope you feel motivated, or at the very least, to inspire or cultivate a smile; you have unlocked the secret, and I have done my job.

You can see more of Angela’s work in the SOFE Art Unblocked 2021 Online  Exhibition.