Dona Nova

I have always been an artist at heart, since I was very small. My creativity flows like a river, and is greatly inspired by Nature and Spiritual Consciousness. I discovered that I download a lot of my images from Source Consciousness, which makes me a Visionary or Intuitive artist. That is the reason I rarely plan my work ahead of time, I usually meditate and let my subconscious take over, and then get into a flow State when I work. My work is very spontaneous, and captures the energy of the time it was created. Currently my work includes healing energy that I imbed in it because I am also a Healer.

1. Magic Time: I am a Visionary or Intuitive artist, which means I channel much of my artwork from Source Consciousness. I’m also studying Crystal Healing and other spiritual pursuits. I like the repeating pattern of mandalas and how they show up in nature repeatedly.

2. Way Shower of the Void: This was a representation of the third eye chakra, the chakra associated with visioning and clairvoyance. The Crow in spirituality is said to be Clairvoyant, or a Seer or Wayshower. I have developed clairvoyance which is useful since I only have one seeing eye physically and that eye is legally blind.

3. Sun series 1: During a meditation I received Sun images and painted them. This was the first of a series.

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