Janelle Bundy-Lesley

I have been doing art all my life. Both my parents are fine artists. They taught me different art skills. My mom inspired me to do art by reading children’s books with pictures to me. I was always amazed by the artwork in these books to the point where I would read them repeatedly just to look at the pictures. I was so inspired by the art in the books that I would recreate the images by making my own stories with illustrations. When I started elementary school, I would continue to illustrate my projects and assignments because I enjoyed drawing so much. I was more into cartoon art, but eventually I branched off into Japanese anime style. I used traditional mediums such as pens, markers, pencils, and colored pencils to create illustrations. Eventually, I started using a program called MS Paint which was pre-installed on my family’s desktop computer. Little did I know that this was the start of my journey to do digital art and other types of traditional art.

I am an aspiring mangaka (comic book artist), illustrator, and animator. My love for art is inspired by anime and manga. Also, other forms of storytelling illustration and how it captivates the hearts of others. I wish to create these awe-inspiring characters and stories that anime artists tell in their artwork in my own style. Most of my characters are inspired by a story I made from my imagination. Sketching is the preliminary component in creating different illustrations. I use a mixture of pencil, pen, and ink. Depending on the details determine whether I choose color or black and white in my artwork. Telling a story from my imagination to produce a beautiful piece of art that appeals to others hearts is my objective.