Priya Ray

I became disabled from a fall where I sustained a spinal cord injury. Before I became disabled, I was a musician and an artist that was part of a DIY community. After I became disabled, I wanted to continue to be a part of this community that I had not only helped create I’ve been a part of for over 25 years. Due to technology’s lack of providing a good source for photography at the time, I began looking for other ways to create. I created paper-mâché sculptures, mixed media paintings, And drawings. As my chronic pain increased, it was harder for me to do the art I was doing before physically. By this time, Digital photography started providing a good source of taking photographs. Still, since I had begun to move away from photography, I began taking the photographs with a digital SLR camera, using macro lenses, Lensbaby lenses, and also taking photographs and manipulating them digitally.

Growing up Indian American in the United States, I have always been used to being an outsider, but I never felt as invisible as I did as a disabled person than I ever had as a Brown-skinned Woman. At that moment, I was motivated to start a nonprofit called DIYabled. The goal is to educate children and adults about disability and the importance of accessibility through art writing, video, and my presence in my community.

My big dreams are to one day create an art show in a museum or gallery called “Eye Level.” Where all the art is hung at the eye level for a person that is sitting rather than standing and create content that teaches people about disability, and it’s history

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