R.V. Kuser

Hello Friend ~
Glad you stopped by to meet me.
I was born in Pennington, New Jersey and moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina in 2009.  North Carolina makes me appreciate the word “home”.  I am a self-advocate, educator, consultant and author – in that order.  I feel connected and very rewarded when I’m working with individuals who have a learning disability because I also have a disability.  I live with autism. 
My wife, Marlene is also an integral part of my life.  She has helped me to discover my strengths, to believe in myself, and to have a greater insight into autism.  She accepts me unconditionally.

For me, writing is a way to advocate for people who are disabled.  In my latest book, “Weight A Minute – Lessons a Family Learns Thru the Gift of Autism” which was co-authored with Marlene, we tried to convey this very important message.  The novel is very relatable to everyone.  It is about the importance of family and acceptance.  The “Weights” live in Winston Salem.  The middle child lives with autism and he is the hero of the book.  The novel will provide foundations for meaningful discussions both in the classroom and at home.  

I am on a lifelong quest for ways to overcome misperceptions about disabled individuals. To let everyone know, we CAN do anything. With Marlene by my side, we give a greater insight into autism when speaking publicly and advocating.  We would love to hear from you – questions, comments or just to say “hello”. 

Website: kusertalk.com