Wayne Upchurch

My father gave me a Yashica 35mm film camera -my constant companion from my high school sophomore year, on. I came Alive with that gift, and found my calling.

I ate, slept, and breathed photography, embracing opportunities to practice and deepen my work, through promotional photography for a community college, news photography for two newspapers, commercial and expressive photography, and finally through daily meditative photography. Along the way I have facilitated courses for beginners and advanced photography, as well as for the use of expressive writing for health and wellness benefit. I have lost/won that Aliveness along the way, but making pictures has been consistent.

I am a trained Life Coach, specializing in assisting people who live with disabilities to make the absolute most of new opportunities and growth in all areas of life, when change and opportunity are now wildly abundant. We are wired for creativity; Let’s Play!

Instagram: wayne_e_upchurch