Murphy McCully

I’m a multimedia artist with a focus on sequential art, printmaking, and ceramics, and I love nature and natural subjects.

I also have a special interest in young audiences and character development (people and creatures), and I’m intrigued with faces. I’ve long been fascinated by my home state’s face-jug tradition, which has informed my art practice, and I have a love for comic art and graphic novels.

I hope to use my art in ways that resonate and engage, whether that’s through hands-on experience, teaching, encouragement, inspiration, or through the work and art itself. I have struggled with learning disabilities, and art has been my portal to reading, learning, growing as a person, socially, and in a college. I am a Savannah College of Art and Design alum (2016-2021), where I studied sequential art, and completed minors in printmaking, and ceramics.

The opportunity to showcase my work is an important way to represent those who discover the arts as a tool and support for facing challenges; a voice for when words fail; and a celebration of life, community, the environment, and creativity.

People say I’m persistent, loyal, and a hard worker, and I like to see the best in others. I love art, libraries, greyhounds, and the environment, and I hope to continue my work as an artist in my home state of North Carolina.

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